A much easier Life!

Don’t you want a much more simply, easier Life? Don’t you want to get out of the stressful life and stop worry about money? You just need to sit down and think about a Life abroad.  You just need to see why changing your environment can do for you and your family.

If you do make up your mind to move and live overseas, you will not need to bring everything that you have right now. You can really downsize and sell off the things you don’t need and raise the funds for you little getaway.

It depends on where you go, because if you go to a tropical location all you would need are shorts, sandals, sun glasses and sun block, no suits. Smile.


Many homes outside North America don’t have built-in closets, either. Wardrobes and armoires seriously — and conveniently — limit your clothing allotment.  You will be just fine, especially the ladies. No need to run to the mall and see what’s on sale or go to

Wal-mart in the middle of the night, trust me you won’t miss it. By the way I still remember when I use to go to Wal-Mart for just one thing and I would come out with a basket full.

See all Wal-Mart and Target set out to do is to get you into the store, once you’re in there  it turns into a marketing frenzy and you start picking things up and put them into your basket unconsciously. So how many times you get  back home and took the shopping bags to the kitchen and look inside and said “Why did I buy this?”, but you do not return the item you just keep it or give it away to a friend. Now by the end of the month you’re wondering where did all your hard earn money go to?

Save your money for what really matters to you.

Living cross-culturally meant I simply wasn’t as tempted by little everyday coffee — lattes, magazines, shoe sales, and high-quality ice cream were so unbelievably expensive that they weren’t even an option, save a few times per year.

Simple, healthy, in-season food is best.

Farm-fresh food was in abundance in these countries,

and you can enjoy getting your produce from a farmer’s market right in the neighborhood everyday.  It is amazing how fresh fish and fruits really taste and it is so much healthier for the whole family.

P.S. Live Overseas and Empower yourself!
P.P.S Always remember that it is the little things that count. So please take time out to                     enjoy Life!



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